Individual Therapy

I utilize a psychodynamic approach to help adolescent and adult clients overcome many types of issues associated with depression, and other conditions.

First we determine treatment goals and create a personalized treatment plan, then, over time, we work together to address the unique challenges that you or your loved one might face.

Through personalized treatment, I will examine the sources of your personal challenges, analyze the associated emotions, and identify how you can modify the resulting negative thoughts and behaviors.

My goal is to help you break free from the debilitating effects of mental health issues and thus improve your quality of life.

I also understand that people face challenges that may seem less intense than those associated with depressive or anxiety, disorders, but nevertheless still negatively impact one’s quality of life. I therefore also welcome individuals from non-clinical populations, including individuals with relationship issues, young professionals, those with medical conditions, as well as patients facing later life issues.

I utilize a similar personalized approach with non-clinical individuals, focusing on highlighting the connections between one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, identifying problematic associations and patterns, and creating new, healthier connections to cultivate the individual’s ability to function independently.